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Sapientαι: Your Innovative, Intuitive & Flexible ML/AI Solution Provider in Texas

As a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Company, Sapientαι specializes in developing innovative solutions for high-tech applications using a large array of patented and state-of-the-art techniques.

Whatever your process historian or operational data system of record, Sapientαι can integrate rapidly through either a front-end GUI, custom API, and/or backend library.

Leaders in Time Series Prediction & Control - SapientAI

Leaders in Time Series Prediction & Control

Accurate. Precise. Deep. Interpretable. Parsimonious.

Sapientαι offers world-class solutions to time series prediction and control problems, to help you:

  1. Develop and understand which features are predictive.
  2. Extract deep (yet simple) differential representations encoding these relationships.
  3. Provide visual and easily interpretable ways of analyzing and examining complex multimodal systems.
  4. Use these solutions to predict, anticipate, and control future system behavior.

Revolution in Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

Sapientαι offers solutions that bridge the gap between variationally hand-crafted 20th century science models and automated 21st century predictive engines.  

Our solutions make forecasting and extracting understanding from data frictionless, while preserving the physical interpretations and parsimonious underpinnings from “first principle’’ or “conventional” style assumptions.  

Our solutions are easy-to-use, remarkably efficient, inexpensive, readily automated, and physically (or clinically, or analytically) interpretable, providing deep and abundant insight into the causal and correlative relationships that arise in all complex systems.

Revolution in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 23

Sapientαι's ML/AI Solutions

Dynamic. Innovative. Intuitive. Flexible.

Our solutions are designed to help organizations make the most of their data, by providing easy-to-use tools for searching, analyzing, and predicting the behavior of complex systems.

Archaius Engine (2)

The Archαιeus Engine

Unique. Precise. Predictive. Deep.

Our unique patented predictive software engine dedicated to multimodal operational analytics. The Archαιeus Engine enables training, analyzing, modeling, pattern recognition and real-time prediction of time series data.
Ousai Engine (3)

The Ousαι Platform

Reliable. Secure. Flexible.

Ousαι (from Ousia ⇌ AI) is Sapientαι’s cutting edge cloud-based platform for advanced data analysis, prediction, and control that allows for data exploration and deep data analysis. It provides the ability to extract predictive models from data using state-of-the-art algorithms.


Innovative. Collaborative. Adaptive.

The DeFT (Data-enabled Fusion Technology) project aims to utilize the transformative and disruptive capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate the path towards commercial fusion energy.
SIR - System Identification & Regression​


System Identification & Regression

Unlock the Potential of Data: Unleashing Precision, Power, and Predictability with Sapientαι‘s SOTA System Identification & Regression (SIR) AI tool.

Leaders in Time Series Prediction & Control - Sapientai 5

The Control Regressor

Predict. Pipeline. Hypertune.

Unlock new potential with the Control Regressor, Sapientαι‘s powerful tool for predicting and controlling complex systems. Get real-time insights and make data-driven decisions effortlessly.
The Prospector - A tool that allows clustering of multimodal data streams with customizable

The Prospector

Explore. Compare. Cluster.

A tool that allows clustering of multimodal data streams with customizable feature types to rapidly understand and compare complex data sets.

Machine Learning Autoregression

Why Sapientαι? Because it works!​

Sapientαι’s tools provide breathtaking modern day augury by utilizing deep analytics in ways that will make you gasp.

Whether the data comes from measurements, sensors, simulation frameworks, augmentation methods, or multimodal collections of all of the above, Sapientαι offers cutting edge capabilities available for: 

  • Predicting
  • Controling 
  • Understanding
  • Analyzing

Simply put: our solutions work.  All that is required from you is to try them.

One Platform to Illuminate Your Data and Create Real-World Impact



Bring ML/AI to production faster than ever.



Transform data to business results, with confidence.



Deploy AI anywhere, at scale.

SapientAI - Innovative ML/AI Solution Provider

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